Parcel Packaging Advice

We have got together a whole host of information and parcel packaging advice to help you make the right choice in packaging and delivering your packages world wide!

We will be adding an FAQ section to this page which should have all the questions you may need to ask when thinking about sending a package abroad or even just shipping a package within the UK. If you have an question to add to the FAQ please feel free to email them to our webmaster for inclusion.

Parcel Packaging Advice:

If your in need of sending a parcel abroad or even within the UK there are some simple questions you need to ask yourself before you go to the local post office to send your parcel.

Such as; how much will it cost me?

Does size and/or weight make a difference?

Can my local post office handle my parcel?

Whats the cheapest parcel deliver option for my package?

All of the answers to these questions and more can be found in our parcel packaging FAQ section below.

Parcel Packaging FAQ

1) How much does parcel delivery cost these days?

This will depend on a number of factors such as; size, weight and what company you pick to deliver your package. There are a host of companies to choose from and many vary on price and delivery times.

2) Are there any size restrictions for parcels?

In most cases the answer is no, but you will pay more for a larger size parcel. The royal mail standard delivery may not cover some over sized parcel and you should always check with your chosen delivery company before hand!

3) What are the weight restrictions if any?

Each parcel delivery company charges its own prices for weight but its safe to say the heavier your package the more it will cost you.

4) Should I stick with the delivery company I know or shop around a bit?

In our opinion its always best to check all the parcel and courier companies you know and trust as some may be cheaper then others for certain countries.

5) How many days does it take to deliver my parcel?

This will depend on the delivery company you use as many have different time periods. It is best to shop around and find one that suits you. The average time for most companies is between 3-5 days and this will also depend on the location of where your parcel is being delivered to.

6) Can I track my parcel?

Yes, in most cases you are given a tracking code where you can track your parcel online at all times. This depends on what company you use but most parcel companies online provide tracking.

7) Can I my recipient send a parcel back to me using the same parcel companies?

Yes, There are a couple of companies that you can use to send a parcel back from your recipient. 

More coming soon!!!